With only 2000 printed copies, this already was being bought up and sold for more than it was originally sold for (£33.80) on markets like eBay.

I ended up being sent a copy by the developer of Grapple Dog (one of the games featured on the compilation) because of all things, the Beard Blade developer messaged me that the Grapple Dog developer was holding a small speedrunning contest. It was a pre-release contest, so only 4 levels were available in the current build of the game, and open to anyone (as it was announced on Twitter). I had at the time (and still currently hold the record in Beard Blade) and the developer thought I was pretty good at speedrunning, so he mentioned it in a Twitter message one night that I should try my hand in entering.

I downloaded the demo to Grapple Dog and it played alright, and decided, sure, why not?

The contest was for stage 1-3 (Mushroom Grotto) and I routed it pretty strong. I eventually posted a time of 1:25.77 and for several days, was in first place. 10 minutes before the contest ended, someone posted a better time and displaced me to second, as they figured out a small skip to edge them ahead.

Overall, it was fun entering.

The competition was way stronger than I thought it would be, as everyone who participated was not part of speedrunning communities I was already part of.

The prize for first (and second place) were copies of the Super Rare Mixtape (Vol 1.) signed by Joseph Gribin and a digital key of the game once it had a full release. I sure enough was sent a copy, and the copy had his signature on the front making it one of, well, two of a kind, anyway.

How much is it worth now? Who knows, but yeah, this particular developer-signed copy which only had 2000 copies released is another very hard-to-price one.

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