Hey all!

I’m happy to announce a little project, borrowed and slightly modified from ZeroCounts. Starting in June of 2023, we’re going to start holding monthly score attacks in our Discord server. I curated a year long list, mainly because this, unlike all our other events, is actually mostly offline. The idea is that everybody, using primarily the honour system, can submit score attacks for certain games. We’ll add them to a leader board and make a historical leader board each month.

Feel free to submit score attacks entirely at your leisure.

If enough people are interested, we’ll add a live component so people can “race” for the best score live at the end of each month.

Feel free to join our Discord server to participate and for exact rule sets for each game, etc.

Here’s the current list of score attack games for each month!

June 2023.

July 2023.

August 2023.

September 2023.

October 2023.

November 2023.

December 2023.

January 2024.

February 2024.

March 2024.

April 2024.

May 2024.

June 2024.

I hope people enjoy the games chosen!

A few FAQs!

Q: How’s it work?
A: It’s all in fun, and each month, we’ll have a dedicated game to score attack. It’s largely offline, so all you have to do is submit a picture of your high score for it to be entered. At the end of each month I’ll make a high score image (and put them here as well) of all the participants and their total scores. If enough people are interested at the end of each month, we’ll have a live component people can join where people can stream their best attempts (in an hour or two) for a best “live” score independent from the offline monthly scores.

Q: What if people cheat?
A: I doubt anyone would try to cheat, but if someone is found cheating, they’ll be indefinitely banned from all the future months and disqualified.

Q: Can I retroactively submit to a past month once the month passed?
A: No. 🙂 The window is just for the active months. Once it’s finished, the scores will be “final” for that month and the window to submit will be closed.

Q: Can I practice games/goals in advance?
A: Absolutely. That’s actually why I listed them all in advance.

Q: Can I submit an already existing score for a game when it comes up?
A: Also no. 🙂

Q: What settings do you have for the arcade/MAME games?
A: 100% default. I didn’t mess with any dipswitch settings. MAME version I uploaded ROMs for was 0.215.

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