PVP (Player vs Player) is kind of like community race day, or at least, that was the idea Kat and I had at the time. Maybe some kind of track day a la high school, where everyone comes for one day to compete. We really liked the format of person vs person races (they didn’t need to be strictly, competitive, but 1 vs 1 in nature) either in a best of 1 or 3 setting. High stakes, high reward! One winner! One loser. There can only be one winner! One one one!

Our first PVP event featured a neat variety of games, some known, some unknown. Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts, Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers, Alien Crush Returns – Story Mode, Super Mario Bros. 2 (Luigi Only), Super Mario Bros 2 – The Trouble Sleeping (ROM Hack) and Mega Man 7.

Our second PVP event saw the return of Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts and Chip & Dale, but we also got to see Beard Blade, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (on Game Boy) and Bucky O’Hare (Normal mode). On the back end, quite a few people had to cancel this one as it was originally scheduled during American Thanksgiving, which was totally my fault forgetting American Thanksgiving existed being an Canadian who has it a month earlier. xD

Our third PVP event saw Batman: The Video Game, which was really fun. We saw an extremely entertaining race of Takeshi’s Challenge, followed by Barbie Fashion Pack. Bucky O’Hare (HARD! mode) and Doki! Doki! Yuenchi: Crazy Land Daisakusen. We ended with Contra 3, Mega Man 8 and Marvel Land.

The third PVP event marked our biggest turnout yet.

What was particularly quirky about the third event was the music playlist. A few nights before, I posted on Twitter for music suggestions and received nearly 70 song suggestions. So, the entire music playlist was “crowd-funded” so to speak – perfect for a community-based event. It was full of mostly good songs.

Kat and I hope to hold more PVP events in the future! Thanks for joining & watching them!

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