L’Oscuro is Italian for The Obscure.

Feel free to check out some of the weirder/harder to price items I have for sale under the sub-menu in this section.

The name is inspired by the website The Obscuritory which is one of the nerd websites I visit almost daily. It’s slowed down in recent years, but it had a lot of excellent write-ups about various prototype games, forgotten games, obscure (as their namesake goes) games. I really enjoy reading the stuff there.

While we’re here, a few other nerd websites to check out that are basically on my daily list of things to visit:

Hardcore Gaming 101 is a great resource for again import and otherwise difficult or worthy-to-play games. A lot of times people ask: “Where did you learn of X game…?” and the answer is literally this website. It’s an extremely strong website full of a lot of games I would consider worth checking out or hidden gem status.

Romhacking.net is a compendium website full of ROM hacks and fan translations. I’ve actually even submitted a few hacks there myself!

The Cutting Room Floor is an insane resource about all things that were cut out in video games (or censored due to regional differences – prototype information) and such. Just Google “game name + tcrf” and see if it has an entry and learn all about a game you have interest in, in ways you’ve never seen it before!

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